Durian Mousse Cake

Posted on: Tháng Năm 15, 2009


3 eggs
200 gm. chocolate sponge mix
1 tsp. ovalette
50 ml. water
50 ml. cornoil


(1) Mix all the ingredients into a mixer bowl except cornoil and beat till thick and fluffy.
(2) Pour in cornoil and mix thoroughly.
(3) Pour into an 8″ round cake tin and bake at 180C for about 40 mins.
(4) Leave to cool and then slice into 2 horizontally.

Durian Mousse:

200 gm. Durian Puree
50 gm. fresh milk
15 gm. gelatine powder
4 Tbsp. Water
250 gm. Non-Dairy whip cream
1 tsp. Durian Paste


(1) Mix durian puree with fresh milk and cook over medium heat till the durian paste is warm.
(2) Mix gelatine powder with water and let it bloom for 5 mins. Microwave till gelatine dissolves.
(3) Mix gelatine mixture into the durian puree and mix thorough.
(4) Fold in whipped cream and add in the durian paste.
(5) Lay a piece of chocolate sponge cake into a *” cake ring and place onto a cake board.
(6) Spread half of the durian mousse on top of the sponge and then top with the other layer of sponge cake. Pour the balance durian mousse on top and level it. Chill in the fridge till set.
(7) Grate some leftover sponge cake on top of the mousse and cover the side of the cake with croquants.
(8) Put into the fridge to set again and serve chilled.


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