Filipino Butter Cake

Posted on: Tháng Năm 15, 2009


(1 loaf pan – 9″ x 5″)

250 gm. Cake flour
15 gm. Baking Powder
140 gm. Butter
280 gm. sugar
5 gm. salt
35 gm. milk powder
138 gm. Eggs
200 gm. water or milk
1 tsp. Vanilla essence


(1) Cream butter, sugar, salt and milk powder together until creamy and fluffy. Add in Vanilla Essence.
(2) Add eggs in 3 stages and continue creaming after each addition.
(3) Sift flour and baking powder together.
(4) Add water alternately with the flour and blend till well combined.
(5) Pour batter into loaf pan and abke at 180C for about 50 mins. or till cooked.
Test cake with a skewer and if if it comes out dry, it’s done.
(6) Cool on cooling rack and slice when completely cooled.


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